Zazie is a water fairy from Faults and Sorrows. She is Sayo's best friend. She was named after Zazie Rainyday from Mahō Sensei Negima.

Species Fairy
Talent Water
Residence Pixie Hollow


Zazie comes off as a rather showy fairy, since she prefers to perform her talent using "fancy" antics. She normally tends to like people who show kindness and respect for Sayo, and cares little for those who do not, such as the Minister of Winter. She is classified as the "odd one" in the water talent guild, and is known to deadpan a lot. It is said, however, that she has somewhat of a decent fashion sense.



Sayo is Zazie's best friend. Zazie sees her more like a sister than a friend, being extremely close to her and seeing her in the highest regard. She is three days younger than Sayo.


"Zazie" is also the stage name of French singer Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennes.

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