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Welcome to the Tinker Bell Fan Wiki!

The Tinker Bell Fan Wiki is a place in which Disney Fairies fanfiction and fancharacters can be chronicled. Among the notable ones are Disney Fairies: Tyrannicus and Faults and Sorrows! Information about most fanfics can be found here.

This Wikia is mainly an idea by User:LordRhade, aka someone who has a lot of time to waste and who is considered odd for being a guy who likes Tinker Bell.

Help, please[]

This takes a while to work on, and I don't always have time to work on it, so please (I'm mainly looking at you, Cadet-Smash and Nira Rose), please give me a hand. Perhaps you can make some pages on other characters, places, etc.

Tinker Bell/Disney Fairies Fanfiction[]

There is, however, a condition. Only stories from FanFiction.Net will be chronicled here.

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