Shiver is a snowflake sparrowman in Faults and Sorrows. His name is taken from the fact that he is constantly shivering because he always feels cold to the bone.

Species Fairy (Sparrowman)
Talent Snowflake
Residence Pixie Hollow


Shiver is initially the first individual of the snowflake guild who accepts Sayo and sees her as something different, perhaps positive. He has also had a crush on her for xiea long time.



Shiver and Sayo eventually befriend each other and start a relationship. It is not long-lived, however.


Nero and Shiver do not normally speak to each other until Sayo and Shiver start seeing each other, in which case his relationship with Nero is antagonistic until Nero leaves.


-Shiver was inspired by fellow fanfiction writer Telemachus Claudius Rhade.

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