Sayo is a snowflake fairy who cannot perform her talent to the other fairies' expectations. She is the central character of Faults and Sorrows, along with Zazie, her best friend. She was named

Sayo by TelemachusCRhade
Species Fairy


Residence Pixie Hollow

after Sayo Aisaka, the ghost character from Mahou Sensei Negima.


Sayo is rumored to be born from a laugh that was either broken or in some way corrupted, hence labeling her as a "reject" or even as an incomplete fairy. Being a social outcast has made Sayo somewhat shy and cautious toward others.



Zazie is Sayo's best friend. The two fairies often hang out, making Sayo display emotions she would never expose to anyone else. Usually seen hanging out with her, Sayo is also interested in expanding Zazie's horizons and relationships, as seen in the original Faults and Sorrows, where she encourages Zazie to teach River, the newest Water talent, how to make the mist needed to make rainbows. On the side, Zazie helps Sayo to figure out how to use her talent.


Fellow snowflake talent Shiver is another secret friend of Sayo's and her first romantic partner. He has had a crush on her for years.


Fast-flying sparrowman Nero is Sayo's other secret friend. He is in love with her, and the two eventually commit to a long and powerful relationship.


Sayo's relationship with Scouting talent Link is currently unknown.


-Sayo is the name of an Ethiopian woreda, and an Ethiopian first name that means "happiness".

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