Nero is a fast-flying sparrowman from Faults and Sorrows. He will be a new addition to Autobot Axann's rewrite, and he was created by Telemachus Claudius Rhade. He was named after the Romulan antagonist of the 2009 Star Trek film, who was played by Eric Bana.

Species Fairy (Sparrowman)
Talent Fast Flying
Residence Pixie Hollow



Nero is the reject of the fast-flying guild, except for his best friend, Twitch. He has earned this status by expressing interest in, and eventually falling in love with, Sayo. The two fairies eventually befriend each other and there is a hint of possible romance between them. This is until Shiver reveals long hidden feelings for Sayo.

After Sayo favors Shiver to him, Nero's heartbreak is too powerful to bear. He slips into a depression and his demeanor darkens, and eventually leaves Pixie Hollow.



Nero is Sayo's long-term romantic partner.


Shiver and Nero initially start off on the wrong foot, effectively starting out as rivals for Sayo's affections when he and Sayo begin a relationship.



-Nero was originally concieved as an antagonist figure for Shiver to compete for Sayo's attention, being jealous, overbearing and downright egoistical. His character was drastically different and despicable.
-One of his possible names was "Romulus".

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